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PO Box 29001
3395 Walker Rd.,
Windsor ON N8W 5L6

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The Son-Parlour Christian Events & Activities


DOWNLOAD THE PDF for 2017 Shepherd's Guide

The 19th edition of the Windsor & Essex County Shepherd's Guide is worth your while to look it over and it will be available soon.
Each year, approximately 15,000 Guides are distributed FREE to approximately 300 Churches, Christian Bookstores, Senior homes, shopping centres, hotels & motels, Tourist Booths, trade shows, parades, as well as all the advertisers in the 2017 Guide in the area for you to pick up and use.  Tell your friends about them.  As a matter of fact, pick up extras to give to them.
If you do not find the Shepherd's Guide in your Church, talk to your Pastor or Priest and have them call our office at 519-251-0544.  We strive to give each Church enough copies for each family to receive plus extras to give your visiting guests.  Each year we try to increase the number of Shepherd's Guides printed.  The new publication comes yearly and has multiple changes each year.
If you are searching for information or a business type not yet displayed, please call us at 519-251-0544.
If you would like to be in the printed Shepherd's Guide, contact us any time. Even if the Shepherd's Guide is already out, we will put you on the website immediately.  Then, when we publish the next Shepherd's Guide, you will automatically be part of it.
Thank you for supporting your fellow Christian businesses who are serving Christ and serving the community ---- let them know you found them in The Shepherd's Guide.

Contact us directly by mail, phone, or email:
Dave and Linda Szusz
The Shepherd's Guide
P.O. Box 29001, 3395 Walker Rd.,
WINDSOR, Ontario  N8W 5L6
519-251-0544 or 519-562-4799


Dave and Linda Szusz desire to strengthen the Christian community in the Windsor & Essex County area. They advertised in the Shepherd's Guide themselves in previous years, which gave them the strong desire to build a working relationship with fellow Christians. This does not mean that they have all the answers. If you have ideas which could be a benefit to the area, contact Dave at 519-562-4799.

Dave has been involved in various businesses and ministries such as Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, International Christian Bikers Association, Billy Graham World Wide Pictures, Lifebuilders International, and the list goes on. Dave also has a ministry of music and testimony having shared at some churches in the area and abroad. He would be glad to come and speak and share with your group or church. At that time, he will share about The Shepherd's Guide as well. We are working on some plans for future events, which could involve local Christian business persons as well as special guests and the general public. 

We have expanded the size of the publication each year since taking it over by adding more Christian businesses to it. If you know of anyone who may be interested, feel free to contact us. We will keep you informed of any changes and new advertisers on a regular basis. This will be done by the annual publication plus regular additions to our website as new advertisers are added. Keep checking the website at

We hold networking breakfast meetings on a regular basis, which has been an asset to fellow advertisers. Our mission is to Strengthen and Edify the Body of Christ, by providing a means for Christian businesses, ministries, churches, and consumers to find and connect with each other thus serving Christ and serving the community. What better way could there be to brighten your day, than to have Christian customers and clientele to help, and they in turn will be blessed knowing they dealt with people they could trust. In our efforts to help Christians connect, feel free to call us if you cannot find what you are looking for in your printed Guide or here online. Call 519-251-0544 or email us at 

We manage to keep busy year-round with a number of different activities including Parades. We attend approximately 15 summer parades with our new float which consists of a large 10 ft. air balloon, live sheep and people from various Churches marching with us. Then in November we convert the float over to a live Nativity consisting of Mary & Joseph, plus a real live baby in the manger, angels, wise men, kings, shepherds and real sheep. We enter into 6 area Christmas parades and in many cases are the only real true Christmas participants.

As an arm of our ministry, we have implemented an exciting program called The Son-Parlour Christian Network Team, ( )where we support and recommend each advertiser in the Shepherd's Guide. Along with this, are other activities, which are creating interest among the Christian business owners and Ministries. We trust you will check our website ( ) on a regular basis. Whenever you need a business, Church or Ministry, please call us at 519-562-4799.


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