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Heritage Christian School (PreK-9)

St. Sebastian (K-8)

St. James and St. Ann’s School (K-7)

Holy Rosary Catholic School (JK-8)

Plains Christian Day School (K-10)

St. Frances School (K-9)

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School (K-8)

Cascade Christian School (K-9)

St. Matthew Catholic School (JK-8)

Westdale Christian School (K-9)

Nottawa Elementary School (Jk-8)

Chilliwack Adventist Christian School (K-7)

St. Gerald Catholic School (PK-8)

Holy Cross Elementary School (K-7)

Pleasant Valley Christian Academy (K-8)


The Father’s House Christian School (K-8)

St Mary’s C.S (JK-8)

Hardisty School (K-9)

St. Mother Teresa Catholic School (JK-8)

St. Michael’s Elementary school (K-7)

Shuswap SDA School (K-9)

Holy Spirit Catholic School (K-9)

Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School (Jk-8)

The Father’s House Christian School (K-9)

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