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Edmonton Christian High School (10-12)

St. Martha School (K-6)

Blessed Kateri Elementary School (K-6)

Katherine Therrien Elementary School (K-6)

St. Bernadette Elementary School (K-6)

St. Jerome Elementary School (K-6)

St. Richard Elementary School (K-6)

Vanguard College

St. Hedwig Catholic School (JK-8)

Master’s College And Seminary

Tyndale University College & Seminary

Foursquare City Bible College

St. Peter Catholic School (PK-8)

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School (JK-8)

Blessed Pope Paul VI (PK-8)

St. Gregory Catholic School (JK-8)

Blessed Scalabrini Catholic School (JK-8)

Father Daniel Zanon School (JK-8)

St. Agnes of Assisi (JK-8)

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School (JK-8)

St. Faustina Elementary School (PK-8)

St. Mary Elementary School (JK-8)

The Institute for Christian Studies

Adelfiha’s Christian Academy (JK-8)

Lighthouse Christian Academy (K-12)