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Stouffville Christian School (JK-8)



St. Dominic School (K-8)

St. Luke School (K-8)

St. Catherine Catholic School (K-8)

Georges P. Vanier Catholic School (JK-8)

St. Peter Canisius Catholic School (JK-8)

St Leo Catholic School (Jk-8)

Holy Family Catholic School (K-8)

St. Gerard School (K-8)

Hope Lutheran School (K-5)

Monsignor Uyen Catholic School (JK-8)

John Knox Christian School (JK-8)

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Elementary School (K-6)

St. Marguerite School (K-8)

St. Matthew School (K-8)

Glenlyon Norfolk Junior School (JK to Grade 5)

St. Ursula Catholic School (JK-8)

Timothy Christian School (K-8)

Immanuel Christian Elementary School (K-5)

St. Maria Goretti Community School (K-8)

Mother Theresa School (K-8)

St. Andre Catholic Elementary School (JK-8)

St. Joseph Catholic School (JK-8)

Mother Teresa Middle School (6-8)

St. Teresa of Calcutta School (Early Learning-6)

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