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St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School (JK-8)

Fraser Valley Adventist Academy (K-12)

Ottawa Catholic School Board – Birthday Club


St. David Catholic School (K-8)

The King’s School (K-12)

Signet Christian School (JK-8)


St. Augustine (JK-8)

Maple Ridge Christian School (K-12)

St. James Catholic School (JK-8)

Valley Christian Academy (K-12)

St. Cyril Catholic School (JK-8)

North Vancouver Christian Academy

Christian Learning Center


Grace Christian School (K-12)

St. Brendan Catholic School (JK-8)

Hope Lutheran Christian School (6-8)

Prairie Christian Academy (K-12)

San Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School (JK-8)

Regent Christian Academy (Preschool-12)

Saskatoon Christian School (K-12)

St. Benedict Catholic School (JK-8)

Surrey Christian Secondary Campus (8-12)

Edmonton Bible Heritage Christian School (K-12)

Georges Vanier Catholic School (JK-8)

White Rock Christian Academy (Pre-K-12)